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Offered by Thollot Diamonds

If you are holding onto your old gold waiting for the prices to climb like they did during the years following 2008, this might be the time you have been waiting for. Gold prices are consistently inching their way up again. As of the writing of this article (week three of June), the price of gold is at a two-year high and moving up.

As a custom jewelry fabrication and manufacturing studio, we are able to pay a premium for your scrap gold because we have it refined and use the refined gold to make the custom jewelry we are known for. That means higher profit margin for you and better custom jewelry prices for our customers.

Thollot offers free evaluations of estate collections of jewelry. Drop by our store and let us help you sort the valuable jewelry from the fashion fun pieces that you have collected over the years. Receive advice on how to get the most money from each piece that you are considering selling.

There is no charge for this service and you just might be delighted with the amount of money you have sitting in broken or unworn jewelry in your jewelry box right now!

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