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Offered by: Thollot Jewelers

Gold is at its highest value in six years, making this September the perfect time for Coloradans to unload their gold valuables in exchange for cash or even better, store credit. Thollot Jewelers will give their customers an additional 20% for the value of their gold items all month if spent in store.

What sets Thollot apart from the rest when it comes to our gold buying program? Thollot Diamonds and Fine Jewelry pays top dollar for your gold, so you get the most return for your assets! Many gold buyers will not pay for gemstones and will even charge to remove them. Our jewelry designers are actively buying gemstones and diamonds, and we remove them from their settings at no charge. Our expertise in the area of numismatics makes us a reliable place to check the value of your gold and silver coins. We allow you to trade old jewelry for new items and pay up to 20% above scrap price when jewelry is traded for a new piece or a repair. Our master jewelers can repair any jewelry you decide not to sell. We also offer appraisal and refurbish services for jewelry that you want to sell on eBay or Craig’s List. Gold Prices Hit Highest Value In 6 Years!

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