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High tech houses laden with remote controlled gadgets to control just about everything in a home used to be limited to sci-fi novels, movies, or Jetsons genre TV. The advent of Smart Phone technology, especially over the past couple of years, has created a lot of buzz around techy upgrades for homes—remotely accessed security and energy saving measures, to mere conveniences such as smart phone accessible refrigerators and slow cookers.

According to a recent report from the authors of Houzz (a home remodeling/design website, who partnered with CEDIA, home technology trade association for the research), only about 45% of 1,000 homeowners surveyed who have done renovations in the past 12 months, or plan to within the next 12 months, are incorporating new technology into the renovation, adding at least one new system/device with smart phone/tablet/computer remote control and monitoring capabilities.

No surprise, trending at the top of the list are devices related to safety and security (fire and gas alarms, security camera systems). Most reported spending $1,500 or less, and hiring a professional installer. Only 5% reported spending in excess of $5,000.

Second most popular were smart entertainment systems (smart TVs, speakers, streaming devices), equaling about 18% of purchases. A distant third was climate control at 14% (remote monitoring/control of HVAC), expecting to save big on energy bills. Remotely controlled lighting makes up only 12% of reported upgrades.

A majority of homeowners surveyed are still reluctant, citing “too expensive”, “unnecessary”, or interestingly enough, “worries about being spied upon by their own home” as the reasons for reluctance.

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