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Do you hear that? The birds are chirping and the sun is shining. Majestic Materials is open and ready to help you with landscaping projects of any size. Conveniently located off County Road 27 in Fort Lupton, our lot is filling up with products.

Do you have broken concrete or asphalt to get rid of? Majestic Materials is currently accepting clean broken concrete, clean broken asphalt, and clean dirt with no dumping fee! That’s right, it’s FREE! We are happy to accept these materials in order to recycle them into our popular products. Please call prior to drop off to make an appointment at (720) 835-7850.

As much as we love accepting concrete, asphalt, and dirt, Majestic Materials really shines when it comes to selling various recycled landscape materials. Mulch is one of our most popular recycled materials for sale. With a variety of vibrant colors and textures, you will find the best mulch for your project.

Majestic Materials | Recycled MaterialOur recycled asphalt is the perfect choice while redoing driveways and paths. Recycled Asphalt is broken asphalt that is reduced to a smaller size through a crusher and then
screened, making it ideal for compaction. Using recycled asphalt is a great option if you are looking for a durable, affordable option.

Our Recycled concrete is another great choice. Majestic Materials offers a ¾” Roadbase and 1” Rock. Our ¾” recycled concrete roadbase is easily compactable, although a bit more dusty than recycled asphalt. Our recycled concrete rock can be used as a loose filler, more like gravel. The 1” recycled concrete rock can be used for everything from walkways to improving a draining system. Recycled concrete rock is also a popular choice for a sub-base material when pouring concrete. This eco-friendly choice adds to the integrity, strength and overall quality of the final product. Our recycled aggregates are affordable, durable and versatile.

Majestic Materials | Recycled MaterialsWhether you go for the mulch, recycled asphalt, or recycled concrete, feel confident that you are making a great decision. At Majestic Materials, we are dedicated to providing quality products at an affordable price. With your support, we can continue to reduce our footprint.

We love this beautiful state we live in. In order to help us do our part, Go Majestic, and Go Green!

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