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Tips and tricks for showcasing your home in the best possible light.

Offered by: Jan Hepp-Struck, Hepp Realty

As I’ve mentioned before, homebuying (and selling) is a very emotional process, and when buying, it’s all about first impressions because those are the longest lasting and most persuasive. So now that you’ve decluttered and depersonalized the space, painted, made necessary repairs, and done a deep clean, it’s time to stage your home. Just as you would “dress to impress” for a job interview, staging your home is basically dressing it to impress its potential buyers.

A properly staged home may sell for a higher price and more quickly than a comparable home not staged correctly. Staging your home is about creating a scene that brings a wow factor and appeals to all five senses. Professional home stagers are artists in their own right—they are top level designers who know how to not only enhance the natural attributes of the space, but also to create the illusion of larger rooms that empower the viewer to imagine what’s possible.

Whether you engage with a professional stager or do it yourself, it’s important to understand some of the proven basic tips and tricks of staging.

  • Vignetting: Arranging furniture and limited accessories in an appealing grouping
  • Display unusual, eye-catching knickknacks in groups of one, three, or five, etc., but never even numbers. Placement in triangular or uneven patterns also helps to add interest and depth.
  • When possible, the generous use of soft fabrics such as silk, satin, suede, or lambswool can add a luxurious and sophisticated look and feel.
  • Use simple lines for window drapes and treatments.
  • Add unique elements to shelving, bookcases, and mantels, especially if they are part of the architecture.
  • Use sparingly and strategically placed props, less is often more in these situations to avoid looking cluttered and too busy.
  • Use table and floor lamps to enhance the lighting to create strategic focal points that help set the desired mood.
  • Apply orange oil to cabinets and wood – it revitalizes them and the fresh citrus scent helps with the overall viewing experience.

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