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Susan Kline

While we’re moving into this New Year there are many uncertainties that remain. Some are due to our Covid-19 quandaries and all of the areas in our lives that affects. Others might be where we’ll all end up when the dust finally settles…new jobs, children trying to catch up from their interrupted learning schedules, wondering how our world will function post-pandemic.

We can’t change “What Is” currently, but we can change how we react to it. In search of a fresh perspective, I came across a book, Can You Be Happy For 100 Days In A Row, by DMitry Golubnichy. In an effort to explore his own happiness, he would chart daily what made him happy. He posted his findings daily on social media at #100Happy Days. This turned into a global endeavor with over 8 million people having taken this challenge. Here are a few things Dmitry discovered in his #100 Happy Days challenge:

Happiness is an active choice.
Happiness lies in small things.
Happiness is most real when shared with others.
To achieve happiness, it helps to appreciate and accept uncertainty.

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