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Offered by: Susan Kline – The Brighton Buzz

Susan Kline

One of the feelings that surfaces at the start of a new calendar year is the need to create a better year than the last. How can we lessen the prior year’s adversities and achieve the goals we set as New Year’s resolutions. Often times, daily life brings us back to doing things in a similar way as the prior year just to keep the home fires burning!

I’ve been asked fairly frequently if I’m going to retire. The answer is “Yes, of course, sometime.” How and why are good questions to ask ourselves when it comes to rationalizing what we do. In my case, preparing each issue of The Brighton Buzz is a labor of love because the connection with advertisers, learning more about our community, meeting new business owners and finding out about their hopes, dreams and visions keep my mind learning all the time. It also is very rewarding to bring these resources to the readers in our distribution while growing a better sense of community.

Maybe it’s hard to see where the passion comes from in your daily endeavors, but, when that becomes obvious, it lights the fire to your motivation and captures the interest of those working around you. Our Brighton Buzz designer, Mario Waller, has covered these pages with his inspired view of our advertisers’ offerings. A heartfelt thank you to Mario for giving his all to each issue. Share your enthusiasm and passion for your work and give those in your world an opportunity to grow and learn with you.

Our wish for you this February is to focus on doing more things “For The Love of It” and and live a happier more successful life in the process.

All The Best This February,