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The year has certainly gone out with a bang, as after a decade of steady growth, the final months of 2018 have been marked by extreme volatility. While it’s important to understand the factors behind market moves, not even experts have been able to pinpoint what’s causing markets to move so erratically..

Here’s what you can do in the New Year: stay calm, focus on the long-term, and know that we have worked to make sure that your financial plan and investments have the right mix of assets to withstand market moves.

Doing nothing is hard, so if you want to do something, try this: make sure you have set and are sticking to a spending budget, so you aren’t dealing with debt in the new year. Take a look at your spending and saving habits, think about your ideal week, and then again what that week might look like when you’re retired. Think about your 2019 goals, and we can set a time, after the dust settles to reflect and plan.

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