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Offered by: Wellyssa’s Well

The Flower of Life is inscribed upon the entry columns to the Osireion temple complex in Abydos Egypt. The flower of life is a sacred geometrical symbol which holds within it the building blocks of creation. It is a key to accessing higher frequency vibrations within our bodies. Working with the Flower of Life prepares us to hold a higher energy vibration; assists in the reprogramming of our perfect energetic blueprint; and allows us to realign and perfect cellular distortions and imperfections – moving us towards wholeness.

We will access the energy of the flower of life through a guided meditation, taking you to the Osireion Temple of Osiris in Abydos Egypt. There we will meet with Isis and Osiris who will assist us in an energetic healing process, accessing and implanting the high frequency vibrations of the flower of life into our energy bodies, restoring our original blueprint of perfection.

The Flower of Life Healing is an interactive meditation and guided healing process facilitated by Wellyssa. These sessions can be individual or group. 25% off for May.

Personal $112 for 90 mins (regularly $150)
Group of 3 to 4 @ $85 each (2+ hours), (regularly $112)
Group of 5 to 10 @ $64 each (2+ hours) (regularly $85)
Masks or proof of vaccination required.

Call/Text Wellyssa to schedule: 720-732-5798 or email: