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Offered by Jan Hepp-Struck

You’ve just closed on your home and taken possession. There are a few things you should do, before moving anything in, that will help you get off to the best start possible in your new, or new-to-you, home.

  1. Change the locks: even in a new home, you really don’t know who else might have keys. Switching out locks or re-keying is a small price to pay for peace of mind.
  2. Familiarize yourself with circuit breaker box: whether new or pre-owned, be sure that circuit breakers are labeled clearly.
  3. Locate water shut-off valves: not only should you know where the main water shutoff valve is, but also your shutoff valves for interior and exterior water because you don’t want to be hunting for them in an emergency!
  4. Steam clean carpets: unless your home is brand new, you’ll want to start with freshly cleaned carpets, and it’s much easier before you move anything in.
  5. Have air ducts cleaned/install new air filter: as with carpeting, you want to start your living experience breathing the cleanest air possible.
  6. Check for plumbing leaks: even if your home inspector did this during the inspection, better safe than sorry—check your water meter reading, then again in a couple of hours when no water has been used. If there is no change in the reading you are good to go.
  7. Wipe out cabinets/drawers: be sure to wipe out all cabinets and drawers with sanitizing wipes or cleaner before putting anything away, even if you plan to line shelves and drawers.

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