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Smart CommuteSmart Commute Metro North, your local Transportation Management Organization (TMO), serves the north Denver metro, including Brighton. We focus on transportation’s many facets. While Smart Commute advocates for improved transportation and transit infrastructure, we also spend a lot of time educating commuters, and their employers, providing information about the current transportation network for commuting connections.

Smart Commute provides education in a lot of fun ways by leading in-office networking and trivia events, bringing coffee carts and pizza to office locations, and helping a dry topic like transportation to be a little less boring.

“We find that commuters really do want other options to get to work, and often don’t have enough information about their own transportation network to try something different,” says Karen Stuart, Smart Commute’s Executive Director. “We will work with businesses and organizations to find the best way to provide this information to their employees. We work hard to make our programs engaging.”

Besides leading fun and interactive on-site sessions with employees, Smart Commute can also customize transportation summaries focused on worksite locations. “We’ve found that these are especially good for new hire orientations,” said Catherine Sanders, Smart Commute’s Program Manager. Smart Commute can also provide employers’ on-site locations with RTD schedules and bike maps for their locations.

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