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Offered by Longs Peak Church

“This church has always felt like family to me,” says Rick Hernbloom, who became pastor of Longs Peak Church of God in July, 2016. The church’s rich history began when Matty Maze started a home Bible study for women and children and evolved as men asked to join the church. Helen Smith became the first pastor in 1922. The church closed its doors during World War II because all the men had gone off to war. The remaining members began meeting in Dacono under Reverend Richard Waggy (Pastor Rick’s grandfather) before moving back to Brighton. The latest pastor was Louis Anderson.

Reflecting on the future, Pastor Rick stresses the importance of unity among Bible-believing churches. “Think about how much we could do in our community if we work together!” Rick recalls having joint youth meetings with other churches in the area. “This was a fun time because we had a chance to really connect and work together to share the good news.”

Pastor Rick’s desire is to lead a church that reflects the way Jesus interacted with people. “Jesus had real compassion for people, unlike the cold and rigid places the temples had become. That’s why people followed Him,” Pastor Rick says. “Jesus looked at the people through a different set of eyes. He saw them as a people who longed for hope, and He gave everything to give them that hope.” That is who the church really is, and that is what we are striving for at Longs Peak.

Stop by and visit us at 295 North 12th Avenue, Brighton or call us at 303-659-0467. Longs Peak Church is “A Church That Feels Like Family”.