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Offered by: Brittany LaVoy, MD., Brighton Pediatrics

During this time of year coughs, colds and fever seem to be everywhere. Fevers are extremely common in children. They are a normal part of the body’s immune system responding to a viral or bacterial infection in most cases. It is also very common to have fevers following vaccines. Because of this, the body is in control of how high the temperatures rise and will keep it from rising to a level where it would cause any long term problems. But when should you worry about your child’s fever?

If your child is less than 2 months old any temperature above 100.4 rectally would be an urgent situation and you should take your child to see a doctor immediately. If older than 2 months and acting and drinking fairly well, it is ok to give Tylenol (or Motrin if older than 6 months old) and watch them at home. For most children fevers will go away after 3-4 days of illness. If your child appears very sick, is not drinking well and peeing less than normal, has fevers that go away for a few days and come back, or if they have fevers longer than 3-4 days have your child seen by their doctor. Of course, if at any time while your child has a fever, you feel uncomfortable, or have questions, call your child’s doctor for advice. Also, please visit our website at for further information about fevers.

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