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The calendar flips and here we are at Valentine’s Day already. Pink and red hearts, chocolates and cards for loved ones are the norm. Mid-winter, after a holiday season stretching back to last Thanksgiving and Christmas filled with thoughts and gifts for others, is a great time to turn your attention to yourself.

We see a lot of images of Cupid aiming his arrow and lighting up some love. How about showing some loving concern for yourself by taking better care of yourself? The basic care of your body that has to carry you through your life never changes.

Your focus gets shifted away so easily from drinking the water you need, from getting out and walking, from giving yourself some calm moments of silence to center yourself and just breathe. It takes making you a priority item on your own To Do list to make you focus on feeling good, looking good and living better.

My mission is to add to the knowledge and expertise I have, aided by the latest technology, to help you get out of pain and stay out of pain. I have over 2,000 hours in post graduate study of pain relief. My favorite tool is the Cold Laser for fast, painless results. Nothing Heals Faster.

As this New Year gets underway, we have added two powerful Cold Lasers to our arsenal in the war against pain. They are dedicated to feeling good, looking good and living better. Our ad in The Brighton Buzz this month focuses on our new Zerona Z6 Non-Invasive Fat Loss Laser which is bringing astonishing inch loss without pain or downtime here to Brighton.

I am also extremely excited to announce that I have added another brand new laser, the EVRL, a new weapon to effectively treat pain without harmful side effects to help you get out of pain. Low level laser therapy or Cold Laser, is a Painless, Sterile, Non-Invasive, Drug-Free modality used for a variety of conditions such as, acute and chronic pain, body-contouring, acne and the appearance of cellulite.

Show yourself some love or do something for someone you love. Get out of Pain. Feel Good, Look Good and Live Better. Call me at 303-775-0272 to talk about your pain or 720-684-8000 for the Zerona Z6 non-invasive fat loss laser.

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