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Offered by Family Bible Fellowship

It has been over two years since the birth of Family Bible Fellowship. During this time we have met publicly we have been seeking what kind of “ministry” or “church” the Lord desires us to be. This has been an interesting journey for us and we have come to some conclusions on that topic.

We have seen that what binds us together is our relationship to Jesus Christ and our doctrine. This does not mean we all agree on every theological point but we do agree on the most important points.

We have seen the value of intimacy, mutual accountability, encouragement, fellowship, sound teaching, and learning to love one another with all of the different baggage we each bring to the table. We want to maintain and cultivate these values.

We have seen that we are not a program based church. Therefore, what we offer as a ministry is a family worship service. We see great value in this approach. We are committed to putting our energies into settings where we keep the family together as a group and allowing all of the church body to learn to interact with one another. The older teaching the younger is very important and the younger learning to interact with the older is just as important.

We have seen that God is love but also God is just, righteous, holy, to name a few of so many attributes. We are not willing to boil God down to just one attribute, we want to see God in all the fullness of His glory. In His grace and truth.

We have seen that this kind of church ministry will not necessarily attract the crowds and we are OK with that. We have seen that while there are many churches that can and do offer programs for every age but that is not our calling. It is not a bad thing that these churches offer these programs but neither is it a bad thing that we do not. We are simple. We do not offer things like a Sunday School or youth group, if you need programs and want that, we are not able to offer that. There are ministries that can but we are not going to replicate what they are doing. We believe in the whole family being in worship together. This presents a different model and understanding of what the church is to be thus will only appeal to people who see the benefit of this kind of worship.

There are a lot of different kinds of churches. Some good. Some not so good. All desiring your attendance. Yet common sense tells us that people go to different churches for different reasons and no one church can be all things to all peoples. We see that and accept that and see that for us here at Family Bible Fellowship God has directed us to be a home based ministry.
So what does that mean practically for us in what kind of church we are? It means fellowship, the young learning from the elderly, gaining depth in Scripture, and a family environment.
If this is something you would like to explore we would love to invite you to contact us. Our greatest desire is to see you come to know who the Jesus of the Bible truly is and that He would transform your life.

Questions to ask when choosing a church:

  • Is this a church where my family will be regularly fed by God’s Word?
  • Is this a church where I am convinced the care of my soul will be a priority?
  • Is this a church where my family will experience meaningful Christian fellowship and accountability?
  • Is this a church where I can serve God’s people and use my gifts for its benefit?

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