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Most estate plans in America today are simply not producing the results people expect. And it does not make a hill of beans worth of difference whether or not you have a will or a trust! So what is the real scoop about estate planning?

Preparation. We need to take the time and make the effort to prepare for our eventual deaths. This may shock you, but there is a 100% chance that you’re going to die! Are your loved ones prepared? Can they find the instructions you’ve left for them? Do they know what to do after your death, and how to do it? Do they know who to turn to for assistance? Are they prepared to receive what you’re going to leave them? Will they know how to protect it, and invest it so that it can be a blessing throughout their lives?

When our children are young, we take the time to teach them and prepare them for what they are going to face in the future. It takes years for them to learn how to eat properly, dress properly, bathe properly, develop a work ethic, and become well-adjusted humans. Why do we believe that preparing our children to be successful ends when we send them off into adulthood?

Let’s finish the project. There are a lot of websites, attorneys, and self-help books that will assist you in putting together simple estate planning documents. The process is more than that step. Let’s get our families in a position to have an effective transition at the time of our deaths. Losing a parent is hard enough, why do we leave them in a position to have a bunch of problems on top of the grief of losing their mother or father?

Consider attending one of our complimentary educational workshops to find out how to really prepare your family so they can have a smooth transition upon your death.

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