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Offered by: Michael A. Dolan – Dolan & Associates, P.C.

I’m going to jump directly to the point. Estate plans are for everyone!

Many studies show that between 73 and 78% of people in the United States do not have an estate plan. For a majority of the families in that category, the death of a loved one means significant, and easily avoidable, problems as a result of the failure to put even a basic estate plan into place.

Some take the “Why should I care, I’ll be dead” approach. Those you leave behind will handle the problems upon your death, and they will pay substantially more in legal fees, court costs, and taxes. Sounds like an okay plan, if you don’t mind giving a lot of what you left for them to their lawyers?

You may not care about what happens after your death, but have you thought about what happens if you become disabled?

If you become unable to manage yourself or your finances before your death, and do not have a basic estate plan in place, this can cause a great deal of frustration and expense for your family. The hard-earned money you saved to take care of yourself is spent on lawyers, court costs, and special healthcare professionals who examine and evaluate your capacity. It can cost $10,000 or more to have a guardian and/or conservator appointed for you by the court upon your incapacity. These expenses and frustrations can easily be avoided by having a basic estate plan in place.

Lawyers are making staggering amounts of money helping family members work through the problems created by people who fail to do any planning. Consider taking a little time to put an estate plan in place so you and your family, rather than the lawyers, can enjoy your money.

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