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Offered by Alana Hill, The Center for Relationship Education

Great Relationship RaceAt the core of every human is the desire for connection, belonging and love. When life ends, rarely do people wish they had a better job; instead, they hope they got the most out of their relationships. Hope, however, on its own, doesn’t always deliver the types of relationships we picture: Loyal friendships, rooted in trust that allow us to be ourselves. Respectful co-workers, working together with fervor as motivated individuals tackling team dreams. Committed marriages, where two partners not only love one another but also like being together and enjoy each other for a lifetime. Connected families, where children, siblings, and parents adventure toward creating powerful legacies.

The Center for Relationship Education believes that healthy relationships are essential to life success and pairs peoples’ hope for healthy relationships with research-supported strategies that help people achieve their relationship dreams. Utilizing their fun and engaging curriculum resources or attending hands-on relationship workshops improves relationship satisfaction. In October, you have the opportunity to participate in helping strengthen relationships by participating in the Great Relationship Race.

The Great Relationship Race is a fun and rewarding 5k run/walk completed in teams of two. Multiple obstacles await, presenting your team with unique communication challenges. You’ll be stronger. Your relationship will be stronger. Families, couples, coworkers, and friends are welcome – pick your partner and register today!

100% of proceeds will provide education to develop, strengthen, and repair the relationships in your community. Per numerous studies, healthy relationships and meaningful connections are essential to wellness, health, and long-term employment. The Center for Relationship Education utilizes research-supported strategies to improve relationship satisfaction through workshops, curriculum, and positive youth development presentations.