One of the first questions people ask that are interested in advertising is, “How Much Will It Cost?” That’s understandable as many small/medium sized businesses have a limited budget to spend on advertising and want to make sure those dollars are being spent wisely. That first question actually should be, “What Is The Distribution of the Magazine?” Many things go into the development of a publication….ad concept development, graphic design, photography, articles, etc. and when the magazine is finished, the next and most important thing is who’s going to see it. The ROI (return on investment) depends largely on whether your message is being received by someone who can act on it. So, who receives The Brighton Buzz?


The Brighton Buzz began its journey at about the time that Brighton was in its biggest growth phase with lots of new housing and residents. Neighboring areas like Ft. Lupton, Henderson, Reunion (Commerce City), Lochbuie, Hudson and Keenesburg were also growing at the same time. This particular Northeastern Metro Corridor has a consistently growing population that need products, services, and connections with businesses close to them as opposed to returning to wherever they moved from to take care of daily business. Our goal has been to supply our distribution with resources for their needs.

Our current 47,250 distribution circulates to residences and businesses in the above mentioned communities, as well as the new, Solaire Apartments in Brighton. These copies are mail-box delivered in the early days of each month to give our readers an opportunity to find what they’re looking for and act on it. We’ve attracted and sought after advertisers who bring resources for all phases of our readers’ lives….Personal Services, Retail, Home Improvements, Health and Wellness, Kids Corner, Pet Services, etc. We are always happy to broaden that scope with new advertisers.


Lastly, our advertising is available to you when you need it. Our business model has been to not have contracts as many businesses are cyclical and we work on the premise that if you’re receiving results, you’ll want to continue advertising. Many of the advertisers in our magazine have been with us for years. As we recently celebrated our 10th Anniversary, many of our advertisers also celebrate numerous anniversaries and find that continual advertising with The Brighton Buzz has helped their business grow and sustain itself.


The Brighton Buzz has set its pricing at affordable rates for our advertisers. As we come back to the “How Much Does It Cost” question, the majority of our advertisers feel that their advertising pays for itself and in many cases, brings a great deal more in results for their business. Our straight forward approach to pricing makes the cost easy to understand and put into your business plan. The Brighton Buzz sees itself as a partner with you in the growth and development of your business.

Call today or contact us to find out how easy and affordable it is to advertise in The Brighton Buzz!