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Law enforcement is launching a crackdown on drivers who fail to move over at least one lane when law enforcement vehicles, fire trucks or ambulances are stopped with their lights on. This crackdown is a result of first responders on major roads and highways being struck by passing vehicles causing serious injuries or even death.

The penalty for failing to move over is four points against your driver’s license plus fines and court costs. As an example, if you are driving in the far right lane and see emergency vehicles parked on the shoulder with their lights on, you must move over at least one lane to the left to allow them room to work and to protect their safety. If emergency vehicles are on the left side of the road, then the opposite applies. You must over to the right lane.

In the event that traffic is so heavy that you cannot move over at least one lane you must at the very least slow down significantly.

The reason for this law is that many shoulders are so narrow that first responders can barely open their doors and exit their vehicles without being in the right lane of oncoming traffic.
This law is in everybody’s interest. By failing to move over, you may be delaying emergency vehicles from reaching somebody who has been critically injured in an accident or has suffered a medical emergency while driving. What if that person who needs immediate medical help were you or a member of your family?

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