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Offered by Brighton Shares the Harvest

BSH_Logo_NoWebsiteIf your carrot patch is bursting at the seams or your zucchini is doubling in size every day, it may be time to consider donating some of that fresh produce to people who need, and would really appreciate, fresh, healthy food.

You’ve probably seen the numbers: about one in seven people in Colorado aren’t getting enough nutritious food, while about 40% of the food we bring home ends up in the landfill. Brighton Shares The Harvest is a local Nonprofit trying to improve both of those situations. If you grow fruits and vegetables, you’re bound to end up with more than you can use. Rather than risk it rotting in the back of your fridge, consider donating it to a local food pantry, Eagle View Adult Center (our senior center), or to somebody you know who might need help putting healthy food on their table.

Brighton Shares the HarvestOur six community food pantries assist over 800 families each month, but they don’t always have fresh produce to offer to their clients. Between our six pantries and Eagle View, there is someplace to donate fresh produce every day of the week except Sunday. To find out when and where to donate, visit our website, and click on “Donate Produce”.

Even if you only have a few fresh items to donate at any time, a single tomato will improve the quality and nutrition of somebody’s dinner, and it may be the only fresh vegetable they have to eat that day. Any and all donations will be greatly appreciated.