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2414 East Bridge Street, Brighton, CO, United States
2414 East Bridge Street Brighton Colorado 80601 US

Following a family’s traditions isn’t the easiest thing to do, much less across three continents and over 5 decades. But doing so is not only a prerequisite for preserving family culture but in the case of Brighton’s own Serafini’s Pizzeria, a literal recipe for the finest in authentic Italian –American cuisine around.

Serafini’s Is All About Tradition
Family pictures align the stark white wall space, tracing back to Frank’s lineage in Italy, Brazil, New York, Detroit and ultimately Denver. And from 1948 and his family in tow, Frank’s Grandfather, Orazio, trekked across the America West scouting a family home and ultimately, Commerce City’s Italian-American treasure, the “Roma Restaurant,” which remained open for 12 years from 1967 to 1979.

Authentic Italian Specialties – Pasta, Pizza, Calzones & More
Orazio Rocca’s passion from Italian family fare is today a reflection in his grandson and wife, Terasa’s, devoted ownership and management of Serafini’s Pizzeria. Specialties include an array of pastas, pizza, and calzones hand-created from the finest of ingredients, sauces and recipes.

Brighton’s historic gem is so true a testament to authentic Italian flavors that we have to agree with a credo we’ve heard far beyond Bridge Street – “if you don’t like Serafini’s, you don’t like Italian” (And we do love Serafini’s).