50 N. Main Street, Unit 114, Brighton, CO 80601
40 North Main Street Brighton Colorado 80601 US

My name is Ruston Webb and I’m the owner of Kinetafit Bootcamps, located in Brighton, CO. As a personal trainer with over 10 years’ experience, I have helped thousands of clients reach their weight loss goal so they can be in great shape and feel healthy again.

I have a passion for fitness you don’t normally see in the fitness industry. You see, I’m not interested in just signing people up for memberships. I really do want my clients to achieve their fitness goals.

My passion for fitness is contagious. I’ve worked as an instructor for a personal fitness training college. Fitness trainers come to me to teach them how to train clients to lose weight and get their body in healthy and fit shape because I use proven techniques that get results!

Let’s face it, no one wants to look in the mirror and see a muffin top coming out of his or her jeans. That last 10 pounds of belly fat can be frustrating to get rid of and make you feel the weight will never come off!

  • You want to feel confident that the steps you’re taking to lose weight will bring you results!
  • You want to see your body change and feel the results of overall improved health because you’re exercising and eating right!
  • You want to have energy to get through your day without stalling out mid-afternoon!
  • You want a program that is fun, affordable and can fit into your busy life!