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At any time over the recent holiday season did you have a reason to believe that Mom or Dad might be struggling due to age-related limitations or health issues? Does anything stand out as being odd, or does any of their behavior seem slightly “off” to you? Perhaps your parents’ house seemed messier that normal, or Mom seemed to have become a bit forgetful. Perhaps you found yourself discussing their changes in behavior with your siblings, asking questions like, “Why is Mom acting so strange? Do you think Dad is Okay?”

We often sense when something just doesn’t seem right with an aging parent, but do not know what to do about it. There are many circumstantial, personal and environmental factors that come into play when assessing your aging parents’ health and living situation. This is a very difficult conversations to have with family members and questioning our loved ones’ condition can be stressful, even daunting at times.

Hiring an in-home caregiver can ensure that your loved one receives the daily care they need. A little extra help with housework, cooking and errands may be all that is needed, or a more intensive care plan that includes personal care might be in order. Whatever the needs, in-home caregivers can be the solution to keeping your loved one happy, healthy and at home.

Home Helpers Home Care is here to help. Please call David Caughey at 720-442-8156 for more information. He will happily come to you to discuss your specific needs for a family member.

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