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Were you planning to cruise this spring/summer, only to have COVID-19 dash your vacation dreams away? You’re not alone. Millions of prospective passengers are in the same ship with you. The cruise industry has cancelled thousands of sailings from mid-March through the end of August, and in some cases ever further out.

If you wanted to cancel your booking amid the pandemic, many cruise lines offered incentives in the form of FCCs-Future Cruise Credits. You could get the value of your cruise plus a bonus as an FCC. Or, if you wanted a refund, you could follow the standard cancellation policy and receive some money back with the ‘penalty’ amount in the form of an FCC. Many people took advantage of these offers, only to find out at a later date that the Cruise Line cancelled the cruise anyway.

For those of you who cancelled your booking ahead of time only to find out the cruise line cancelled the cruise anyway, I urge you go back to the cruise line website and read the new policies. Many of them have modified their policies to include previously cancelled bookings. You could, in some cases, get a full refund or higher FCC. It’s worth the time to check it out!

Those of you that do have FCC’s, please don’t wait to rebook your cruise. 2021 cruises are selling faster than previous years, and prices are at their best to encourage people to come back to the water! You could use the FCC with a bonus you’ve earned for an inside or oceanview cabin and move into a balcony in many cases. Now is definitely the time to rebook.

Wherever, whenever you choose to travel, please be safe and follow all CDC guidelines. – Karen Mealy