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Offered by: Susan Kline, The Brighton Buzz

Susan Kline

Our October issue is always a fun one to put together. You can feel the excitement of Fall’s wonder and the energy created in the communities to celebrate this time of year.

What’s in store for us in this Northeastern Metro Area in October? We’ll enjoy beautiful colors of changing leaves, “all things pumpkin” will soothe our souls, tantalize our taste buds, and bring wonderful color to our interior and exterior decor. There are many exciting events coming in October and their ads are spread throughout our entire magazine. Save the dates on your calendar so you can stay close to home and have fun with friends and family throughout the entire month.

We’re truly fortunate to live where there are so many excellent markets where we can buy delicious fruits and vegetables to enjoy and for those who like to can, prepare for Winter/Spring eating as well. Harvesting to many has to do with produce, but, for others the term could be related to our lives in general. I’m thinking we’ll all want to gather all the great moments we can this coming month and consider them our Special Fall Harvest.

All the best this October,

~ Susan