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Offered by Jan Giuliano, – Universal Lending, The Giuliano Team

Hello October! Fall is here. Winter will follow shortly. In the meantime, it’s a good time to prepare for the weather that will be changing soon. Think safety. With daylight savings ending early next month, it’s a good time to prepare for darker nights and snow.

1. Prepare your car. It’s a good time for oil changes, tire rotations or replacement. Make sure you have reliable windshield wipers and battery. Keep some supplies handy like a shovel, blankets, flares, flashlight etc. Go online for tips from AAA Roadside Assistance for a complete inventory.

2. Prepare your house. Go through and do maintenance on your furnace, pipes, and hot water heater to make sure they are working correctly. Change batteries in flashlights, carbon Monoxide and fire alarms. Check fire extinguishers. Seal cracks and weather proof doors and windows.

3. Prepare your yard. Get rid of debris. Plan for winterizing hoses and garden water systems. Keep on top of leaves clearing them away from drains and water spouts and gutters. Make sure exterior lighting is working by replacing bulbs and cleaning the covers so the light shines brighter.

If you start now, you should be prepared for the winter when it does come, and it will. Preparing for a mortgage works the same way. A little preparation now will make the process so much easier. When you’re ready, call Frank and Jan at Universal Lending for questions and answers.

Call Frank and Jan at Universal Lending to answer your questions and concerns.

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