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Offered by Wes Bear, Concealed Carry Workshop

Our mission:
To provide the required training to every law-abiding citizen that wants to obtain a concealed handgun permit in Colorado. Provide that training at a time and place that suits the recipient of it. To provide that training at a reasonable cost, so that everyone can afford the training required to apply for their permit to carry.

Our philosophy:
It is law-abiding citizen’s right to bear arms, to protect themselves and those they care about. It is a law-abiding citizen’s responsibility to get enough training to not be a danger to themselves or to our society.

Concealed_Carry_WorkshopOur logo:
The flag represents the constitution, which protects all of your rights. The eagle embodies the concealed carry lifestyle of being self-reliant, confident and responsible. The blue stars are our classes (some larger, most small), providing law-abiding citizens with the knowledge, skills and attitude necessary to be responsibly armed Americans.

Our classes:
I offer 3 levels of instruction (depending on what you want/need) that include the required basic training certificate needed to apply for your permit to carry. You can learn more about the levels of training I offer on my website:

If you have questions you can email me anytime at: Call me today at 720-984-2290 to find out how you can obtain a Colorado concealed handgun permit and/or become a more responsible gun owner.

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