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Offered by Dr. Jim Campbell

Cold Laser In this hectic and fast paced world, reaching for a pill for pain relief is a quick way of dealing with your daily aches and pains. But unfortunately it does nothing to help correct the structural condition that may be causing it. Bad sleeping patterns, poor posture, repetitive stress from our jobs, long commutes to and from work as well as all the time spent on computers and smart phones can all contribute to inflammation, poor circulation and pain. If you couple that with accidents, falls, old injuries and stress, before you know it you are always in pain and wondering what you can do about it.

Have you tried the combination of Chiropractic care and Cold Laser Therapy to reduce pain and inflammation? Many people find this combination of therapies reduces the need for pain relievers and improves their quality of life. The cold laser does not hurt, cut or burn. It works right through your clothing. The good part is that you can receive Cold Laser treatment at my office right here in Brighton. The picture shows two of my patients receiving a laser session for some upper back and neck discomfort. Yes, I work on animals too.

Dr Jim CampbellI work with many people that have been dealing with chronic pain for a long time. I combine over 33 years of holistic practice experience with the latest advances in technology like cold laser therapy and percussion therapy along with gentle chiropractic adjustment and nutritional support to help people get out of pain and back to enjoying pain free living. Arthritis, low back pain, neck and shoulder pain, knee pain and plantar fasciitis are just some of the painful complaints that are relieved with conservative Chiropractic and Cold Laser treatment.

Are you tired of living with these types of pain? Are you ready to explore something different that could help you? Give me a call! It’s summer in Colorado and there is so much to enjoy!

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