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Offered by Dr. Jim Campbell

I had small pets like fish, turtles and a cat growing up. When I met my wife, the world of dogs came with her. Her two Border Terriers were part of the package and we became active in canine sports like Agility, Earthdog, where terriers follow their natural instinct to follow a scent underground into tunnels, and now Barn Hunt trials.

After events, I noticed that sometimes the dogs would come back from activities a little worse for wear. Just like my active human patients, our dogs would have some mobility issues such as a painful back, stiff and soreness when moving around and they might be a little grouchy around the edges indicating some pain and discomfort.

While we were still living in New Jersey, I heard about animals getting adjusted and met, Dr. SueAnn, a mobile Veterinarian who specialized in canine chiropractic. We began having our dogs adjusted and I noticed they were moving so much better and even their attitudes improved. SueAnn became one of my mentors and showed me how to work with our dogs.

Beyond Basic HealthWe moved to Colorado in 2007 and patients began inquiring if Chiropractic and Cold Laser Therapy could help with horses as well as small animal companions. I began studying Veterinary Chiropractic to get a better understanding of the inner and outer workings of all our companion and farm animals. Besides being a DC (Doctor of Chiropractic) I am also a CVCP (Certified Veterinary Chiropractitioner).

I have a passion for helping all beings get out of pain and feel better. I work together with your Veterinarian for the well-being and pain relief of your companion and farm animals. I use a combination of manual and instrument adjusting with Cold Laser Therapy to restore your animal’s mobility, reduce inflammation and relive pain.

One of my patients recently called me a “multi-species” practitioner. I treat her entire family including her three horses and dog. What I do is for everyone. Chiropractic care is non-invasive natural healthcare using no drugs or surgery. Through chiropractic and cold laser, the innate healing ability of the body works better by restoring proper function to the spine and nervous system.
If you or your animal friend are tired of being in pain, call me and we can discuss how to start feeling better.

No one is living if they are living in pain, even animals!

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