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The Miracle of Sign Language
Learning sign language starts as early as infancy. By expanding the options and ranges of communication styles, your child will connect with family, build self-confidence and eliminate the communication frustration.

Not only will they be able to communicate sooner but research has proven that children who learn to sign at an early age will begin to talk sooner and can score as much as 10 to 12 points higher on IQ tests than children who have not been taught to sign. This advantage will help create the foundation for your child to enter future educational programs. Imagine your infant being able to show you what he or she needs, communicate to you that he or she is hungry or even sign “I love you” to you for the first time. Parents will be shown the key words children are learning to make communication not only easy and fun, but to be used and supported at home.

The Miracle of Play
There is a special area for children at The Learning Experience that is a mini Main Street U.S.A. called Make Believe Boulevard. This is a gross motor skills area where children can experience dramatic play. When children visit this room and use our accredited curriculum they nurture their social and emotional skills.

Children do this as they count how many community helpers there are, participate in dramatic fire rescue with their fellow fire fighters and even order nutritious meals from the menu in Lucy’s Diner. This exciting area also has a slide and a ball pit!

The Miracle of Manners
It’s never too early to practice good manners. Preschool is an ideal time to teach proper etiquette to your child. As children under the age of six are eager to learn new things, we encourage them to say “Please” and “Thank You” to use proper table manners such as putting napkins on their laps, to say “Excuse me” if they burp, and to sit calmly and ask permission before leaving the table after a meal. Learning good manners such as these set the stage for proper development and acclimation.

It is a real blessing when your child learns how to share and say “Please” and “Thank you.”

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