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Offered by Belle Creek Charter School

1IGermanThe Charter School Leadership Award recognizes a charter school leader who demonstrates significant influence in developing or maintaining a charter school, improving school accountability and performance, or driving other aspects of school excellence.

This year’s first Charter School Leadership Award winner is Irene German, Principal/Executive Director of Belle Creek Charter School located in Henderson, Colorado.

Irene was the founding principal at Belle Creek Charter School and has served in that role for the last 13 years. She helped shape the school from its planning stages to present day. Belle Creek is now a school of over 700 students.

Belle Creek Charter SchoolIrene set up a teacher evaluation system at Belle Creek Charter Schools that her colleagues say is second to none. There are close to 20 staff members who have been employed at Belle Creek Charter School either from the beginning of the school or at least for the past 10 years. This staff retention speaks volumes about Irene’s leadership.

During the 10-year anniversary of Belle Creek Charter School, Irene was honored with a plaque and a concrete bench beneath a tree to commemorate her long-standing endurance with the charter public school community.

Over the years, Irene has assisted Brighton 27J School District in reviewing charter applications from new school developers to ensure that all avenues of success are being addressed in the applications.

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Belle Creek Charter School