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Offered by Susan Kline

Susan KlineWith Fall at our doorstep, and Summer’s last days winding down, one can feel a change in the air. The following quote by Kristin Armstrong brings that emotion to an interesting opportunity. “When the seasons shift, even the subtle beginning, the scent of a promised change, I feel something stir inside me. Hopefulness? Gratitude? Openness? Whatever it is, it’s welcome.”

For some the opportunity becomes a chance to see football games again and cheer for the home team. For others, exploring on bike rides or hikes and viewing the beauty. Fall has to offer gives rise to their adventurous side. For some it might be the chance to get involved in a new hobby or read that book that summer’s outside activities lured them away from. This next quote by Jim Rohn would aptly apply to those looking for direction and answers to what’s next for them. “You must take personal responsibility. You cannot change thecircumstances, the seasons or the wind, but you can change yourself. That is something you have charge of.” The emotion that’s stirred with this changing season can be a motivation to take that next step you’ve been mulling around and use Fall’s beauty as a springboard to finding those answers.

Once again, we’ve got a number of activities listed in the magazine that can bring joy while we’re experiencing this change. Lulu’s is having their 10th Annual Chili Fest on September 8th. Do put that on your calendar as it’s sure to be a great event. All of our advertisers have put together offers that will assist you in enjoying this changing weather and provide an opportunity to make it possible for you to finish that project you’ve been waiting to do or get started toward a healthier 2019 before Winter comes.

All the best to you this September
– Susan

The Brighton Buzz September 2018