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Offered by Dr. Jim Campbell

If you’ve been reading my thoughts about your good health here in The Buzz for the last 10 years, you know I believe in getting you out of pain and discomfort, quickly, without causing you further pain, without causing your body any harm.

In order to change any suffering or discomfort you may be in you have to take that internal dialogue you’ve been having with yourself— you know, that “maybe it will get better” , “maybe it will go away” or “nothing will really work” self-talk you’ve been programming yourself with—and you have to have an external conversation. You need to talk about your pain or discomfort with someone who will actually LISTEN to you. AND that someone has to have the tools, experience and track record to be able to translate what you are saying about your pain and discomfort into ACTION STEPS that produce POSITIVE RESULTS for you!

After 34 years as a Doctor of Chiropractic and 13 years in LASER HEALTHCARE, and treating thousands of people of all ages and many hundreds of your animals as well (yes, I am a Certified Animal Chiropractor), I can honestly say that with over 2000+ hours of post-graduate study in pain relief, I can help you change your life. AND I LISTEN as well as care for you.

My wife of 28 years, Molly, and I formed Beyond Basic Health to provide leading edge holistic healthcare for our patients and clients. Each person who comes to us is unique. We do not believe in “cookie cutter” approaches to addressing what’s bothering you. But we can’t help you with your pain, your discomfort, your weight loss goals or your desire to lose fat and inches safely and effectively if we don’t have meaningful conversations with you.

We know you are out there! You need to make the call to us in order for us to LISTEN and DO SOMETHING for you!

Call me, Dr. Jim Campbell at 303-775-0272. I answer my own phone and I want to talk with you to help you get out of pain. Molly and I both want to talk with you if you are looking to lose fat and inches the non-invasive way with our Zerona Z-6 Fat Emulsifying Laser!

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