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Susan Kline

Offered by: Susan Kline

May is a month that gives us plenty of reasons to celebrate! Right off the top, warmer weather boosts our spirits. Flowers, trees and bushes begin to come alive and paint a gorgeous backdrop of colors for our viewing. May is a perfect month to celebrate Mother’s Day as its beauty gives us a loving feeling to share with the mothers in our lives that show us daily what it means to love deeply.

May also is a month to celebrate accomplishment as there are many graduation ceremonies that present an opportunity to share with those that have completed a goal how proud we are of them. These are such good times and also mirror nature’s growth as each step taken builds on the next to create a foundation for future endeavors.

Last, but not least, we celebrate Memorial Day in May to honor those that have valiantly fought and died preserving our freedom in all America’s wars as well as veterans and those who are currently on active duty. As we honor those of our military, we, as well, should take time to appreciate the privileges in our lives that are a result of that freedom they’ve fought so hard to protect.

With the summer months coming, we’re announcing one of Summer’s most fun events in the area, Summerfest. Please note our cover and read the article on page six giving details about what will happen on June 1st at Carmichael Park. Don’t miss it!

Make This An Amazing May!

~ Susan