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Estate planning can be a confusing subject. Its blend of tax mystery, probate formalities, dealing with disability and numerous different types of documents can be overwhelming for people considering addressing the subject. It is only human nature for us to look for an easy solution or a quick fix.

Television and Internet experts are all too happy to offer those solutions. People like Susie Orman, Oprah, and Dave Ramsey regularly offer poignant advice about how best to deal with your future death or possible disability. While they are well-intentioned and often well-educated individuals, we should think carefully before accepting their advice as gospel.

Just think, they are speaking to an audience of a hundred thousand, or 500,000, or maybe even 1 million people. Does it really make sense that their one size fits all approach would be the appropriate strategy for all 1 million families? Let us be realistic. Your family, your assets, your situation, your relationships, are all different than every one of those other 1 million families. Thinking that a canned approach to estate planning will provide the best solution for your family is simply unreasonable. While they offer a quick fix (some will even sell it you for a nominal fee), those of us who have a little experience, have probably learned that the quick easy fix is usually not the best answer. And frankly, in my experience it often ends up creating more problems than it solves.

Let us stop looking for a quick fix and look for an estate planning process that custom designs a plan for our families and assures that our unique situation is addressed most cost efficiently and appropriately.

There is a better process available for those who take the time to seek it out. If you would like to learn more about an alternative estate planning process that is producing great results for families, please visit to sign up for a complementary educational workshop.

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