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Offered by Scott and Laura Nordby, Berkshire Hathaway

Although spring is just around the corner, the market is ramping up toward the busy selling season! In Colorado, despite having days of beautiful weather, we can see most of our snow come in March and April. Here’s a few tips to help you show off your property’s assets during the cold and snowy months ahead.

Although traditionally spring and fall are the prime seasons for selling a home, circumstances sometimes require homeowners to put their property on the market during the winter. The good news is that, given access to mobile apps and so much information online, selling in midwinter may not be so tough.

With continued limited inventory, buyers are still looking. If you list your home during the cold and snowy months, you’ll get a pass on landscaping and some curb appeal issues. But there are some important points to consider when listing your home.

Be sure the home is easily accessible.
If there is snow or an ice storm, clear the driveway, sidewalk and any pathways on which potential buyers may walk. If there are back steps, don’t forget to clear those, too.

You never know when a buyer will want to see the home. In markets where your agent uses a lockbox for showings, you could get a request for a last-minute showing any day.

Keep your home climate-controlled.
There is nothing worse than walking into home that is cold or, conversely, warm and stuffy. It’s not very inviting, and that affects the buyer’s senses. A poor climate reception ensures their first impression is not a good one.

Show off your winter wonders.
If you have a fireplace in your home, there is no better time to show it off than the winter months. Buyers love walking into an open house where there is a fire going. It adds to the ambiance and provides a comforting feeling.

Talk with your agent ahead of listing to make sure that they are on board to use the fireplace. If you haven’t serviced it in a while, get it cleaned to be certain that using it doesn’t backfire. Keep the kindling and logs loaded up at all times.

Let buyers see your outside attributes.
In the warmer months, it’s not uncommon for buyers to step out on the deck, down into the yard and into the landscaping. They will want to see the outdoor space and get a feel for the lot and the land.

Although in winter buyers may be less likely to tour the grounds, they will still want to know what’s there. If you have a deck, pool, patio or outdoor features that add value, make sure it is clearly accessible if the weather is warm, and visible from inside if it’s not. If the winter months or snow make an outdoor asset invisible, talk with your real estate professional to be certain that your marketing features it so buyers get the whole picture.

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