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Offered by Susan Kline

Susan KlineWelcome 2018! As we go into every new year, most of us think of how to make ourselves and our lives better by resolving to do things in a different way. The month of January progresses and the early – on introspection works its way into the schedule with all of the things that keep us from becoming a new and improved version of ourselves. That eager participation toward resolutions turns into a “I’ll get to that right after I finish what I’m doing.” I’ve thought a lot about whether it’s important to try to transform ourselves or if “making ourselves a priority” is the resolution most needed to create a new chapter in the coming year.

It’s possible to feel real joy when making balance in our lives a priority on a more regular basis. That balance could take the look of exercising more, watching what we eat, reading that book that’s now collecting dust, learning something new, or beginning to turn a long held dream into a reality. How exciting it is to think that you’re really in control of your life! My thought is that we don’t have to become a “New You” to discover happiness. By allowing ourselves the time in the coming year to do the things that make us healthier and feel more fulfilled, we’ve achieved that all important balance that brings meaning to our lives.

Happy New YearWe’ve tried to cover many of the areas in this January 2018 issue that would give you resources to begin to enjoy this coming year. Please read through all the advertisements, articles, events, and possibilities for the coming month. A long with this valuable information is a quote that caught my interest to help us create a backdrop for channeling new thoughts and activities. We hope you enjoy it!