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Register Your Cameras | City of BrightonBrighton Police Department has been all over the news lately for the innovative way it’s asking the community to help fight crime. Home and business owners can now volunteer to register their surveillance cameras with the police department.

“Essentially this is a modern day neighborhood watch,” Chief of Police Paul Southard said. “It is an excellent way to partner with the police department to help keep an eye on your property and the surrounding neighborhood.”

Brighton Police Department says this program will help its officers in locating video evidence related to crimes in a timelier manner.

“Currently officers have to go door to door to contact residents or businesses who may have video,” Southard said. “This is a time consuming task and we may still miss locations that may potentially have footage that might be useful.”

While many people have recognized the time-saving help this can offer officers and investigators in the aftermath of a crime, others are weary about the privacy they might be giving up by telling Brighton PD about their personal cameras. Chief Southard assures the community this is a simple and secure partnership.

“This partnership is completely voluntary and, again, is a location registration tool only,” he said. “This registration does not allow us access to your system or footage. We would only contact you if we think you may have footage that would be instrumental to a case and you’re willing to share that footage.”

All the information community partners submit through the online registration form will be kept in a secure location that only the police department has access to. In addition, the registration form online only direct officers and investigators to you. There is an additional step in the process if your footage needs to be reviewed.

“Since names will not be available, officers will still have to make contact with our community partners at their residence or place of business,” Chief Southard said.

If you’re interested in becoming a community partner with the Brighton Police Department you can register your surveillance cameras online at: