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Yes, it is true – the City of Brighton, through Bike Brighton is an “Honorable Mention Bicycle Friendly Community”!

Offered by: Mark Heidt, Assistant Director of Parks and Recreation

The Bike Brighton Sub-Committee, known as Bike Brighton, was created by a Brighton City Council Ordinance on June 18, 2013. Bike Brighton is a sub-committee of the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board. The Ordinance states that the Bike Brighton Sub-Committee was created to obtain Bicycle Friendly Community status from the League of American Bicyclists (LAB), and to create more bicycling opportunities within Brighton.

The League of American Bicyclists (LAB) was formed May 30, 1880. The League is responsible for selecting Bicycle Friendly Communities, Bicycle Friendly Universities, and Bicycle Friendly Businesses. The Bicycle Friendly Community Application is 52-pages in length. Most communities do not take the time to fill out the application or if they apply for the “Bicycle Friendly Community” status they are not approved. The requirements are many and stringent. Bike Brighton, on behalf of the City of Brighton, applied for this status in 2013 and failed to receive the nod, but did receive “pointers” from LAB on how to make the application better.

Bike Brighton, over the next 6 years worked on improving the application within the following areas related to bicycling within a community: engineering, education, enforcement, evaluation, encouragement, and inclusiveness for everyone. Additionally, LAB looks at how over time a community decreases fatalities and crashes, and increases ridership. You may have participated in the Full Moon Bike Rides or a Bicycle Rodeo that Bike Brighton led. Or seen their booth at a citywide event or at a school. Or you may have helped with obtaining bicycle changes within Brighton. Or ridden on a trail or used a bike lane. All of these areas of bicycling helped with the next submittal of the application.

So, six years later in 2019 Bike Brighton, on behalf of the City of Brighton, again completed the Application to become a “Bicycle Friendly Community”. In late November 2019, Brighton became an “Honorable Mention Bicycle Friendly Community”. The status levels for being an approved Bicycle Friendly Community are from lowest to highest: Honorable Mention, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond. Fort Collins and Boulder are near the top of the ratings within the United States.

The new goal for the Sub-Committee named Bike Brighton is to reach the Bronze status within the next two to three years, and to encourage businesses to become bicycle friendly. Join the biking fun within the community as we become more bicycle friendly.

If you want more about Bike Brighton, or want to join some of the events that they lead, then please go to their website: or call the following phone number 303-655-2170