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Fountain of HealthPassion has been the driving force for many a successful business. Spirituality and understanding why we’re destined to do something also makes our daily tasks easier. Grace and Bud have been running The Fountain of Health with the help of their son, Ken, and his wife. Their business of 35 years has supplied the purest water in the area to their customers. Their artesian well supplies delicious water where no filters or chlorine is necessary. This water is tested by the Colorado Health Department and they’ve never had a negative report.

Part of the depth of their passion and feeling about their business comes from a story that Grace tells so eloquently about having their well blessed before they began their business. Father John O’Connell, a good friend of Grace’s who held a mass for shut-ins at 6:30 a.m. each Sunday morning on Channel 2 came to their location to bless their well in a service called the “Blessing of The Waters.” With all of them standing around the well for this service, a little white dove sat nearby as Father O’Connell spoke. When he finished his blessing, a whole group of white doves flew above the well and the little white dove joined them before they flew off into the distance. Grace, being part Indian, was given the name of Little White Dove as her Indian name when she was a child. That beautiful ceremony holds special meaning for them and they knew at that moment that their well was blessed. They are committed to maintaining this quality water for their customers for their retirement life and enjoy doing it as much today as they did 30 years ago.

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Fountain of Health