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Offered by: John Wilson, B.S., BC-HIS – Blue Ribbon Hearing & Tinnitus Center

Wearing hearing aids can truly be life altering. Individuals can benefit from hearing aids whether they have a mild or a profound hearing loss. While each individual will have different results, the following stories show how much of a difference treating hearing loss can make.

A few months ago, a patient came for a second opinion after being told there was nothing that could be done about the debilitating tinnitus they were experiencing. Although the patient’s situation was somewhat unique, it was apparent to me there was something that could be done. A thorough exam and hearing test provided the information we needed to determine the appropriate solution. After the test, we fit the patient with a device that brought relief to both their tinnitus and hearing loss. The effects of the device were immediately obvious as a look of overwhelming discomfort was replaced by a look of relief as tears began to well up in the patient’s eyes. After several months the patient is still experiencing relief, and has been told by co-workers, family members and friends how thankful they are that the patient is back to their normal self.

Last month, a patient came in after experiencing tinnitus for many years. The patient has parents who wear hearing aids and was aware of how much they could help, if they were worn regularly. During the initial visit the patient received relief from their tinnitus and expressed that it was so much more relaxing to hear clearly and have the tinnitus be gone. During the first follow up after getting devices for both hearing loss and tinnitus, the patient expressed how much more easily they heard customers at work was and that at the end of the day they were not nearly as tired as in the past. They also said they were able to fall asleep faster and sleep better as the tinnitus was no longer mentally disruptive throughout the day.

Just this week, a patient came in after talking to a friend who recently purchased hearing aids. The patient was having problems hearing others, especially with noise. Men’s voices were somewhat easier to hear and understand, but women’s voices were almost impossible. After a consultation, thorough exam, and explanation of hearing loss, the patient tried on a pair of hearing aids. The first thing the patient expressed was their own voice sounded louder. Then after a few minutes, the patient asked if they were speaking softer. I replied yes, and the patient explained how much clearer and more comfortable their own voice sounded compared to when they were not wearing hearing aids. The patient continued to explain how much more relaxed they felt as they were actually listening to the context of our conversation as opposed to straining to hear what was being said. Finally, the patient explained that they would have done something much sooner had they known how much they were missing and what a difference it would make.

With each patient and their hearing loss being unique, Blue Ribbon Hearing & Tinnitus Center strives to take the time to find the best solution for each individual. This Holiday season, we hope to be able to give as many individuals as possible the gift of better hearing. We will also make a contribution to our local charity, Almost Home, for each hearing aid purchase through December.

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