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Offered by: Beth Swift – Bethy Crocker

There’s a new Personal Cook in town. She’s Beth Swift, AKA “Bethy Crocker.” Beth has always had a passion for cooking since she was able to reach a stove. Her choice was to read magazines with recipes in them or cookbooks instead of novels when growing up. She changed her lifestyle to eat healthier and get moving several years ago. Now she eats and cooks seasonal fruits and vegetables and consumes a minimal amount of processed foods. This experience has opened a new world for her and she’s excited to share it with others!

With Bethy Crocker cooking for you, you can make better choices and eat ‘home cooked foods” on a regular basis. Regardless of whether you want to eat healthier, would like a change from your “go to” recipes, or want some good ‘ol comfort food to come home to, Bethy Crocker can reduce the stress of mealtime by having Bethy Crocker do the menu prep, grocery shopping and then cooking predictable meals, so they’re right at your fingertips when you get home from work. Having delicious meals just waiting for you frees up your time to go to the gym, take your kids to practice sports, have leisure time in the evening instead of worrying about what to fix for dinner. Lunches as well as breakfast and snacks can be prepared for you as well!

Bethy Crocker’s goal is to create lasting relationships with her clients and be an important part of their lives. Bethy Crocker’s fees are based on the amount of food she prepares on each visit and if you want her to do the grocery shopping (or not). Call Bethy Crocker today at 512-934-2985 to begin saving time and eating more delicious foods right away!