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Offered by SolarCity

More and more homeowners are switching over to solar power. Several experts have stated in the media that 2015 is the year to make the switch, and here’s why: Solar is not just good for the planet; it’s good for your bank account.

Switch over to solar, and you’ll save money in other ways too. Not only will you earn a sizable rebate check from your utility company, but you’ll also receive a 30% federal tax credit and enjoy predictable energy rates for years to come and increase your home’s property value. Simply put, solar is now the cheaper, cleaner, smarter way to power your home and put cash back in your pocket.

Don’t wait! Switch to solar now before your Rebate with United Power decrease further and the 30% federal tax credit lasts. The sooner you get onboard and switch, the more money you’ll save.

For more information on how you can make the switch to solar, contact your local SolarCity Field Energy Consultant, Eric Kleffner to schedule your free consultation. Click here to view SolarCity on The Brighton Buzz Business Directory