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Offered by Tax Smart, LLC

January’s record Powerball jackpot had everyone talking and dreaming about what they would do if they won a lottery jackpot. Buy your new dream home? Payoff all of your debts? Take the trip of a lifetime? Help your favorite charities? Everyone has their own idea of how things could be better if they could just win the lottery. I’m not sure how you would spend your prize money, but I do know how three of our clients are enjoying their winnings. That’s right, beating the odds and winning the lottery has been a life changing event for three of our tax clients. Right here in the little town of Brighton!

I can’t guarantee that another one of our clients will be a jackpot winner, but it sure seems like the odds are better. And, we want to help make your dreams come true. For every paid tax return that we do for you, we are going to give you a Colorado Lotto ticket. We are excited to see who our number four winner will be!

Not only will you be getting the chance to be a Lotto winner, but you will already be a winner by having Tax Smart do your tax returns for you. You will gain from having a former IRS agent with more than 20 years experience making sure that you don’t give the IRS more than you need to. Plus, our fees are typically much lower than those of any of the Big Name tax companies in town.

Call our office today at 303-721-1021 and schedule an appointment for us to do your tax returns and see if you will be our lucky #4 winner!

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