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Offered by: Jennifer Bell – Bell Benefits, LLC

February… what a great time to see how “in love” you are with certain areas of your life.

Do you love your identity theft protection? Do you love your estate plan? Do you love your Medicare coverage?

It may seem strange that I bring up all three of these topics. Let me take a moment to explain. I have been an insurance agent focusing on Medicare Insurance since 2013. In 2015, after hearing many times that my clients didn’t have their wills done, I stumbled upon LegalShield. I quickly realized what an awesome, easy, affordable solution this would be for my clients to get their estate planning in order. On top of that, they also offered an identity theft protection plan. Win! Win!

With all the creative scams going on from “Social Security” and “Medicare” calls to fraudulent unemployment claims; protecting your identity is paramount. What your protection does for you is what should be evaluated: Is it protecting all areas of your life or just your credit? Does it give you unlimited consultation and restoration services or does it just tell you what YOU need to do in the event of a theft?

What about legal protection? When was the last time your estate plan was updated? Do you have your Healthcare & Financial POAs in place? Does your family know your wishes? If you got into a tricky or confusing situation, do you have a legal resource to turn to in order to know your rights and get answers?

I love being a resource of information for my clients. Please let me know if you have questions about your current coverage. I’m here to help. 720.626.6524

Jennifer Bell | Bell Benefits