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Offered by Melissa Rippy, Rippy Agency / Allstate

On October 4th, 2002, I began my career in the insurance industry as a claims investigator and I investigated home and auto claims involving bodily injury and property damage. Throughout the course of my 11-year claim career, I became licensed in seven states and handled moderate to severe injuries, as well as those that were sometimes catastrophic or fatal. Part of my job required me to work with the parties involved in an effort to settle the claim without having to go to trial.

For claims that involved lawsuits, I attended mandatory mediations, settlement conferences and sat in courtrooms to observe trials for our policyholders after they were sued. The highest verdict I ever saw was for $1.2 million awarded for the plaintiff and against the defendant (and our insured). The only thing that kept our policyholder and his family in his home was an umbrella policy, providing an additional One Million Dollars of excess liability coverage. More often than not, I witnessed policyholders that had been found legally responsible for more damage than they were insured for, exposing their assets and having no other choice but to liquidate them to pay for damages after they were under-insured.

The Rippy Agency brings a myriad of claims experience and industry background to best assist you with coverage questions, claims and more. Not every claim is covered. Not every loss is paid. It is always important to work with a licensed agent so that you can ensure your needs are being met. The last thing you want is to find out that you had the wrong coverage or not enough coverage following a loss. We are here to assist you in tailoring a policy that best meets your needs while keeping your budget in mind.

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