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In the months, weeks and days leading up to the current election there have been many surprises. But nothing has been more poignant, to me, than the current attempt of powerful organizations to control the political narrative. An obvious attempt to control access to certain information and opinions. And affect the outcome of elections. In case you missed it, let me explain. The lessons from the financial crisis were painful and profound. And it still resonates – in our economy, our culture, even our politics.

Overwhelmingly huge, enormous tech companies such as Google, YouTube (both owned by Alphabet Inc) Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Twitter, eBay, PayPal etc… have, over the years, provided excellent service by helping simplify technology for us and all of us to buy and sell. Original applications, information and opinions may be published through these companies. It has been an exciting decade as everyone seems encouraged to contribute and use these “open platforms” to distribute and buy. Even I have a Facebook page for the Agency: Brian Holley Agency (Please like!)

Currently, however, these companies are not just websites to which we may choose to navigate our browser; but they are controlling the operating systems on our computers, cell phones, tablets and other devices which may even handle our home automation!

The irony now, that these companies are giant behemoths. And when they see ideas, products or opinions with which they may subjectively disagree they may simply delete it.

What does all this mean for all of us decent folks who choose to live in Brighton, Colorado and the surrounding area? I certainly do not know the answers. But I do know for me personally, I must take more time to find information. So even though we have access to more information sources, it is much more difficult to be an informed and educated voter.

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