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Offered by: Emily Wilson, Co-Owner – FirstLight Home Care

April is Parkinson’s Awareness Month, and FirstLight Home Care is honored to support the needs of those affected and their families. Parkinson’s disease is a movement disorder that impacts an estimated 1 million people across the United States and up to 10 million around the world. Because it’s a progressive disease, its symptoms continue and worsen over time; prompting many living with Parkinson’s to seek long-term assistance managing normal daily activities.

The most common symptoms of Parkinson’s include tremors; slowness of movement; rigidity or stiffness of the limbs and trunk; and postural instability or impaired balance and coordination. For many people living with the disease, symptoms can be unpredictable, which makes Parkinson’s difficult to anticipate and manage. Support for those with Parkinson’s helps these individuals maintain their independence and protect their quality of life.

FirstLight caregivers can help them manage and live with the disease with:

  • Assistance with basic daily activities such as bathing and hygiene, meal preparation and eating assistance
  • Support with walking and mobility, as well as transfer and posture
  • Medication reminders, to help maintain the treatment regimens that are so critical to managing physical symptoms
  • Transportation to help keep every doctor’s appointment, social engagement, event or other activity
  • Household duties, such as light housekeeping and laundry
  • Companionship to help battle the anxiety and depression that often comes with the disease, including visits for conversation and company and participation in recreational activities
  • Live-in services to support people who need around-the-clock care
  • Respite care to provide relief to the family caregivers who are so integral to the ongoing support of those living with the disease
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