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Offered by Wes Bear, Concealed Carry Workshop

Actually the conversation began 5 years ago with, “So you bought another gun… don’t you already have enough of them?” That was the question that Tina, my wife of 25 years, asked me. I tried to explain that this gun was “Special” and going to be my Every Day Carry (EDC) as it was “less noticeable” when openly carried.

That is when Tina asked, “Why would anyone WANT to carry a gun?” I thought about that for awhile before answering, “I don’t want to carry a gun, but I do want to be able to protect you and the children.” Good answer, I thought, and it seemed to smooth things over some, at least for awhile.

Concealed CarryOne day, after my leaving the house with my pistol in full view (called Open Carry), Tina said, “If you’re going to carry that, you’re going to get a Permit!” You see while Open Carry is legal in most of Colorado, it can make people uncomfortable when they see a gun in a public place, so I began looking into the Concealed Carry Requirements.

After a week doing research, then having to wait two weeks to get into a “class” all the way across Denver (that cost $100 AND left me with more questions than answers), I finally had the “Training Certificate” needed to submit my application to the Sheriff ’s Office the next week. It then took about 6 weeks before the call came saying that I’d been approved.

Even before my Permit was issued, I had began looking for some REAL Training and I found it with the United States Concealed Carry Association. During my studies, I came to realize that This Training should be offered to everyone that has made the decision to become more responsible for the protection of themselves and those they care about.

I started the Concealed Carry Workshop with a goal to provide not only the Required Training to apply for a Permit, but to offer training that provides the Knowledge, Skills and Attitude to truly become a Responsibly Armed American. Call me today at 720-984-2290 to find out how you can obtain a Concealed Carry Permit or become a more responsible gun owner.

You can learn more about the Levels of Training I offer on my Website: www.CCWorkshop.CO If you have questions you can email me at Wes@CCWorkshop.CO

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